Inoffizielle Fanpage der legendären Rockband
Und hier geht's zur offiziellen Website:
Dieses Foto sendete mir
Jackie Chambers höchst
persönlich per E-Mail!

Sie hat sich sehr über die
entstehende Seite gefreut und mir
die Erlaubnis gegeben, die Cover
zu scannen und 30 Sekunden
Soundsamples von jedem
Song zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Danke, Girls!

Demolition 1980
Demolition Boys 
Not For Sale 
Race With The Devil 
Take It All Away 
Nothing To Lose 
Midnight Ride 
Baby Doll 

Hit and Run 1981
C'mon Let's Go
The Hunter
(I'm Your) Victim
Kick It Down
Following The Crowd
Hit And Run
Watch Your Step
Back To Start
Yeah Right
Future Flash

Screaming Blue Murder 1982
Screaming Blue Murder 
Live With Me 
Take It From Me 
It Turns Your Head Around 
Don't Call It Love 
When Your Blood Runs Cold 
You Got Me 
Flesh And Blood 

Play Dirty 1983
Going Under 
High & Dry 
Play Dirty 
20th Century Boy 
Breaking All The Rules
Burning In The Heat 
Rock Me Shock Me 
Running For Cover 

Running Wild 1985
Let Me Go 
Running Wild 
Do You Love Me? 
Something For Nothing 
Are You Ready? 
Nowhere To Run 
I Want You Back 
Nasty Nasty 
Love Is A Lie 
Can't You See 

Nightmare At Maple Cross 1986
All Day All Night 
Play With Fire 
Danger Sign 
Never Too Late 
Tiger Feet 
Back For More 
Let's Go Crazy 
You Got Me (Under Your Spell) 
Let's Break Out 
Turn It Up 

Take A Bite 1988
Fox On The Run 
Girls On Top 
Tear It Up 
Love At First Bite 
Head Over Heels 
Up All Night 
This Time 
Don't Walk Away 
Too Hot To Handle 

Girlschool 1992
My Ambition 
One More 
Can't Say No 
Wild At Heart 
Can't Do That 
We Came 
Can't Keep a Good Girl Down 
Sitting Pretty 
On My Way 
Take Me I'm Yours 
The Best of Girlschool 1993
Girlschool Live 1998

21st Anniversary Album:
Not That Innocent 2002
Coming Your Way 
Mad Sister 
Love Too Far 
Stay Wild 
I Told You So 
Have A Nice Day 
Born To Be 
Little Green Men 
Everybody Does It 

Believe 2004
Come On Up 
Let's Get Hard 
We All Love To (Rock 'n' Roll) 
New Beginning 
Never Say Never 
You Say 
Feel Good 
Hold on Tight 
Yes Means Yes 
We All Have To Choose 
Play Around (Bonus)
Passion (Bonus) 


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